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Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements Group, Inc.

100 Consilium Place, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1H 3E3

About Us

Our Promise: Integrity, Expertise, Service. We appreciate the unique aspects of every case. We understand the profound importance of each settlement and perform our role with utmost care. We have no Conflicts of Interest. We are not compromised by any exclusive or protected arrangements with any defendant or casualty insurer. We strive to achieve the highest level of service and accuracy so that we will be your choice of Structure Broker for every future case.

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Services Rendered

Live Computer Access to Rates at all Major Life Insurance Companies that Provide Structured Settlement Annuities

Pre-Settlement Consultations to explain Concepts and Possibilities of Structures

Consult with lawyers before settlement meetings, mediations or trial to assist in determination of amounts due or needed under different heads of damages, and amounts needed to provide for ongoing needs of the claimant

Attend settlement meetings or mediations to assist in the negotiations

Provide Immediate, Valid, Up-to-Date Calculations and Suggestions

Will Work Diligently to Maximize the Return on the Annuity

Design Payment Plans Tailored to the Claimants Needs

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Founded 80 years ago, SSG is one of the few recognized structured settlements experts in Canada. Douglas Mitchell B.A., a professional insurance executive has 40 years experience in the insurance claims field and 24 years specifically in the field of Structured Settlements. Mr. Mitchell has been involved in over 3000 structure files, has taught structured settlements at the Insurance Institute of Ontario, and was an advisor to the Ontario Government on Bill 59, and to other Government agencies.

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Service Area

Providing Service throughout Canada

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Personnel Information

Firm Members

Doug Mitchell, President

W. Peter Schwalm

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