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Disaster Restoration

5840 Corporate Way, Suite 110, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

About Us

With our demanding standards for excellence, The Fine Arts Conservancy has been awarded coveted positions with other major insurance carriers as preferred service providers. As these carriers are considered premier global insurers of fine art, their professional recommendation to their clients is a measurable demonstration of their confidence in and high regard for The Fine Arts Conservancy.

Our firm can provide you with the finest in evaluation, conservation and restoration of paintings, antique furniture, antique decorative arts, and other special services for fast emergency response & disaster recovery.

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Services Rendered

  • Art Restorations
  • Art Conservation
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony
  • Appraisals
  • Valuations
  • Fine Art
  • Fire, Flood and Explosion Loss Recovery
  • Specialists in Surveys and Evaluation
- Contemporary and Modern Paintings
- American Paintings, 17th - 20th Century
- European Paintings, 14th - 20th Century
- Latin American Paintings, 16th - 20th Century
- Persian and Indian Paintings
- Oriental and Far Eastern Scrolls, Screens and Paintings

- Media: Wood, Bone and Ivory, Stone, Ceramics and Porcelain, Gold and Silver, Bronze and Copper, Aluminum, Steel and Iron, et al.
- Areas: American and European; Contemporary and Modern; Outdoor sculpture, African, Oceanic, American Indian and Pre-Columbian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Near Eastern and Islamic Antiquities; Art Noveau and Art Deco; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Southeast Asian

- Drawings, Watercolors and Pastels
- Etchings and Engravings
- Prints and Lithographs
- Areas: Contemporary and Modern, Old Master, American, European and Latin American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Southeast Asian

- American
- French
- English and Continental
- Spanish
- Italian and Latin American
- Art Nouveau and Art Deco
- Chinese, Japanese and Korean

- Microscopic Analysis
- Thermoluminesence Analysis
- X-ray
- Spectrography
- Infra-Red
- Ultraviolet
- Sodium Monocromatic
- Carbon 14 Dating
- Micro-Chemical Analysis

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Professional Memberships

  • American Institute of Conservation
  • Getty Conservation Network
  • Canadian Conservation Institute
  • International Institute of Conservation
  • United Kingdom Conservation Institute

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Service Area

Servicing North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa

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Personnel Information

Senior Officers

Laney Dunn, B.F.A.

Managing Director and President

Gordon A. Lewis, Jr., B.A.

Senior Director and Vice President

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News Room

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(This firm also appears in the Art, Antique & Jewelry Specialists section of this publication)

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