Client-Recommended Attorneys, Adjusters, Experts and TPAs
Client-Recommended Attorneys, Adjusters, Experts and TPAs

ACORD's Pieroni: The Misguided Pursuit of Developing Markets 
Maguire Academy of Insurance and Risk Management at St. Joseph's University: Gender Diversity Increasing, but Not There Yet 
Conning: All Sectors Should See Premiums Increase in 2022 
Swiss Re’s Holzheu: Global Premiums Expected to Surpass $7 Trillion in 2022 
ACLI’s Davison: Association Focusing on Improving Racial Equity, Economic Empowerment 
LexisNexis’ Hosfield: Extreme Weather Claims Climbed, Theft Losses Tumbled in 2020’s Poulton: Risk Rating 2.0’s Impact on the National Flood Insurance Program, Private Flood Market 
APCIA: Insurers Should Not Be Liable for Pandemic BI Losses, Now or Ever 
Authors: Addressing Climate Risk Takes Holistic Thinking 
Captain Kinsey: Global Supply Chain Challenges Likely to Worsen 
Deloitte’s Kakar: Life Insurers Should Target Underserved Younger Populations 
Skan’s Misra: Insurers Adapting to a 10-Year Tech Leap Made Over 18 Months 
Beazley: US Executives Feel Better Prepared to Handle Cyberrisk Than Their UK Counterparts 
Guy Carpenter: MGA Market Growth Nearly Doubled Over Past Decade 
Aon Edge: The 'Real Catastrophe' From Hurricane Ida Unfolded Inland 
AM Best: Hurricane Ida Impacts New Orleans More Than Last Year's Storms 
Swiss Re: US Life Insurance Protection Gap at $25 Trillion 
AIR Worldwide: Storms Like Ida Are Changing Cat Models 
Everest Re: Demand Plus Exposure Growth Create Opportunity for Reinsurers, Insurers 
IICF: Charity Group Launching Life Division, Expanding to Individual Membership 
CorVel: AI, Telehealth Improving Workers' Comp Claims Process 
Otterbourg P.C.'s Weinick: Insurance Can Be Both A Solution and A Problem for Cybersecurity 
IBHS: Mitigation Is Centerpiece to Stemming Wildfire Losses 
Travelers: EPL Claims Over Vaccine Mandates on the Rise 
Attorney: Homeowners Excess Liability Can Cover Defamation, Slander Claims 
Swiss Re: Insurers Can Help Reduce World's Carbon Footprint 
NAMIC: New President-CEO Embarks on a Mission 'to Be the Voice of the Mutual Industry’ 
VCIA: Vermont Captive Licenses Increase Roughly 30% In One Year 
Vermont's Provost: Upcoming Captive Bill Promises Insurance Innovation 
Marsh's Charnley: Challenging Market Continues to Drive Captive Formation Activity Future of Wildfire Risk Mitigation Is Property Specific 
Swiss Re: Climate Change Is Shrinking World's Economy 
Wharton’s Kunreuther: 'We Are Myopic in Our Biases' 
Swiss Re: Insurers Could Lead the Way to Negative Carbon Emissions 
Panel: COVID-19 Dramatically Impacts Auto Insurers 
Tech Start-Up: AI Can Help Reduce Blind Spots, Accidents 
Munich Re Specialty Insurance E&S President: Inclusion Necessary to Reach Diversity's Full Potential 
Wharton Professor: Insurers Have Opportunity to Develop 'Identity Loyalty' 
Health Insurance Start-Up: Price Transparency, Incentives Changing Health Care 
Panel: Education Key to Closing Flood Insurance Gap 
ABIR: $19 Billion in New Capital Entered Bermuda in 2020-2021 
Author: People Don't Realize How Diverse Insurance Industry Is 
Attorney: Ransomware Is Emerging Epidemic 
AM Best Briefing: Cyber Insurance at Inflection Point 
US Assure: Builders Risk Insurers Are Bullish on Housing Market 
IoT Insurance Observatory: Insurers Are Using Connected Devices to Prevent Loss 
Private Mortgage Insurance Turning to Reinsurers, Capital Markets 
AM Best Briefing: D&O Market Faces Difficulties Including Rising Losses 
PCS: Insurance-Linked Securities Can Take on Political Violence Risk 
Program Placement Platform: Some MGAs Are Becoming Insurtechs 
Acacia Insurance Solutions: Blockchain Brings Data Integrity 
Panel: Auto Insurers 'Changed on a Dime' During COVID-19 Pandemic 
Wunderite: Customers Expect 'Google Maps' Experience With Agents 
TransUnion: One Third of Consumers Reduced Insurance During Pandemic 
Gallagher CEO: Brokers Are Consolidating, but Competition Not Diminishing 
CSAA Insurance: Employers Must Be Flexible as Employees Return to Workplace 
McKinsey: AI Will Be 'Ubiquitous' in Insurance Industry 
Swiss Re: Parametric Cover Can Help Close Hurricane Insurance Gap
Author: Regulating How Insurers Use AI May Stifle Competition Prematurely
PainWorth CEO: App Helps Resolve Personal Injury Claims Faster
NEAM: Regulators, Legislators Asking More ESG Questions
Conning: ESG Factors Can Materially Impact Insurers' Investments 
Assurant CEO: The Future Is the Gig Economy
Aon: Ransomware Attacks Up 400% in Two Years 
MIT Offering Insurance Innovation Course in June 
Travelers: EPLI Facing New Risks Including Biometrics, COVID-19  
Bold Penguin: 'We're All Moving to an Amazon-Like Experience' 
Liberty Mutual: Insurance Is a Socially Responsible Product 
Institute: Insurers, Regulators Must Balance ESG Demands 
Author: Insurance Can Lift People Out of Poverty 
AUM Journal Editor: Exchange Traded Funds Are 'Regulatory Conundrum' 
PRI Director: ESG Is 'Good Investing' 
Deloitte: Insurers Must Invest More in Improved Underwriting 
Avanta Ventures: Venture Capital Looking to Increase Insurtech Investments in 2021 
IXN Tech CEO: App Enables Life Insurance Agents to Sell Anywhere 
Guy Carpenter: Community-Based Catastrophe Insurance Can Close Protection Gap 
TransUnion: Economic Recovery Is Uneven 
Insurance Information Institute: Earthquake Retrofitting Saves Lives, Reduces Losses 
CAC Specialty: Every Building Has Environmental Exposure 
AIR Worldwide President: Open Standard Data Would Drive Efficiency, Reduce Costs 
SEO Expert: Insurers of Any Size Can Compete Against the Super Spenders 
Apex Bermuda: Demand for ESG Investments Could Drive ILS Growth 
Insurance Library Director: Facility Offers Services, Education Remotely 
Relay Platform CEO: Application Program Interfacing to Aid Commercial, Reinsurance Lines 
Novarica: Differentiate Between Insurtechs and Long Standing Insurance Software Providers 
Argo: Automation Can Speed Complex Commercial Business Underwriting 
Quincy Mutual CEO: Insurance Is Still a 'People Business' 
APCIA Chief: Congress Lacks Compromise 'Muscle Memory' on Insurance Policy 
Risk Placement Services: Pandemic Creates E&S Opportunities 
Missouri Insurance Department: Earthquake Insurance Take-Up Rate Falling 
NAMIC: Defending Risk-Based Pricing a Top Industry Concern in 2021 
Professor: Insurers Should Address Those Affected by Historical Inequalities 
Attorney: Policy Exclusions Still Fodder for New York Courts 
Psychologist: Pandemic-Related Stress May Impact Insurance Witnesses 
Jensen Hughes: Biomechanical Engineers Bring New Perspectives to Insurers 
Attorney: COVID-19, Quarantine Slowing Subrogation Cases 
Attorneys: Fires Blamed on Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Spark Complex Litigation 
Three Griffins: New App Helps Carriers Track Adjusters' Claims Progress 
Claims Experts: Insurers Moving to Virtual, Ultimately Touchless, Claims 
Independent Adjusters Taking COVID-19 Precautions 
IBHS' Wright: Slow Storms, Fast Wildfires Put Focus on Resistant Home Construction 
AM Best: Social Inflation May Impact Pandemic BI Claims 
#MeToo Movement Claims Spread Into C-Suite 
AM Best: Top Emerging Risks Include Climate Change, Cyber 
Cyberrisks Expand to the Directors and Officers Realm 
AM Best: Australian Fires Could Impact Earnings, Reinsurance Markets 
Panel: Advanced Driving Assistance Systems Will Revolutionize the Auto Insurance Market 
EagleView's Banta: Advanced Risk Perspectives Combine Vision, Technology 
How Data, Machine Learning and AI Are Changing Insurance 
The Future of Insurance Claims Management: Smarter, Faster, Efficient
WTW's Rodriguez: Data Access, Developing Staff Keys to Improving Claims
Wildfire Defense's Torgerson: Fighting Wildfires Now a Year-Round Event
AM Best Analysts: Wildfires Likely to Shake Up California's Homeowner's Market
AM Best Analysts: Hurricane Michael Will Likely Take Bigger Toll on Reinsurers
AM Best's Mistry: GCC Market Experiences Range of Catastrophic Losses
Cyber Insurance Market: Stress Testing the Future
AM Best Analysts: California Wildfires Will Impact Homeowners Insurers, Market
AM Best Analysts: Risks Changing for Legal Professional Liability Insurers
Prospect of Federal Rules for Cyber Puts Pressure on Insurers, States
Soaring Risk: Panelists Explain How They Launched a Hang-Gliding RRG
Starr's Greenberg: The First 100 Years Were Just the Beginning
Risk Panel: Cyber Is Growing Into the Risk That Connects Them All
How COVID-19 Is Changing Sports Risk - Episode #187
How Deposition Providers Help Control Claims Expenses - Episode #186 
How Social Inflation is Changing Liability Insurance - Episode #185 
It’s Only Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt: Emerging Risks in Amusements, Sports and Entertainment - Episode #184
How Developments in Structured Settlements Affect Today’s Insurance Claims Environment - Episode #183 
How the Rollout of 5G Could Affect Insurance Claims - Episode #182 
How New Technology is Changing Marine Loss Claims - Episode #181 
The Complexity of Rideshare Claims - Episode #180 
Effective Use of Visualizations in Claims Investigations - Episode #179 
The Surprising Impact of Low-Impact Auto Claims - Episode #178 
How COVID-19 is Changing Business Interruption Claims - Episode #177 
Emerging Litigation Trends in Trucking and Transportation - Episode #176 
How COVID-19-Related Claims Differ in Canada Versus the US - Episode #175
Investigating Commercial Vehicle Claims and Fraud - Episode #174
The Impact of COVID-19 on Claims in Brazil - Episode #173 
Cumis Counsel Selection and its Impact on Claims - Episode #172 
"Reverse Reptile:" How Defense Counsel Are Turning the Tables - Episode #171 
Claims Impact of Michigan No-Fault Law Reformation -  Episode #170
How the COVID-19 Crisis Creates an Environment for Fraudulent Insurance Claims - Episode #169 
How COVID-19 is Changing Insurance Claims Handling and Inspections - Episode #168 
Avoiding COVID-19 Claims When Returning to the Workplace - Episode #167 
How COVID-19 Is Affecting Insurance Claims in Mexico - Episode #166 
Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Business Interruption Claims - Episode #165 
Coronavirus Impact on Claims and Litigation - Episode #164
Nuclear Containment: How Insurers and Insureds Can Avoid Excessive Verdicts - Episode #163 
What Insurance Adjusters Should Know About Wildfire-Related Claims - Episode #162 
What Insurers and Defense Counsel Should Know About E-Discovery - Episode #161 
What New York Child Victims Act Means for Insurers - Episode #160 
Navigating Florida Workers' Compensation Claims - Episode #159 
Enterprise Risk Management Strategies - Episode #158 
How Vocational Rehabilitation Impacts Claims - Episode #157
The Insurance Impact of Class Action Settlements - Episode #156 
The Internet is Forever: Social Media's Role in Claims Litigation - Episode #155 
The Approaching Wave of Autonomous Vehicles Drives New Risks to Insurers - Episode #154
Managing The Difficult Claim - Episode #153 
The Growth of Class Action Lawsuits Involving Data Breaches - Episode #152
Water Claims Could Become the New Arson - Episode #151
Home Modification and Impact on Claims - Episode #150
How Expert Insurance Service Providers Provide Trial Testimony - Episode #149
Defending Construction Claims Under the New York Labor Law Statutes - Episode #148
Managing the Expense of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Discovery Claims - Episode #147
How Expert Witnesses Should Handle Attempts to Ghostwrite Reports and the Impact on Liability Claims - Episode #146
Toxicology: A Small Dose of Science for Attorneys and Insurance Claims Professionals - Episode #145
Vehicle Modification and the Impact on Claims - Episode #144
Emerging Global Cyber Ransom Threats Require a Strategic Response from the C-Suite - Episode #143
The Safe Sport Authorization Act and Protecting Young Victims - Episode #142
How Social Media is Changing Insurance Claims Subrogation - Episode #141
Hurricane Harvey's Impact on Insurance Claims - Episode #140
Attendant Care Impact - Episode #139

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